Stock-Price Manipulation Routes Through Tax Havens

Korean authorities are spotlighting outsized activity in local stocks through the Cayman Islands. The suspicion is that Cayman-based investors are domestic persons using the offshore banking center for illicit purposes. That game is familiar, but growth in this activity is testimony to more intensive finance-sector compliance in many nations worldwide. Stock-price manipulation is a close cousin to insider trading and tax evasion. In terms of the number of investors, the Cayman Islands is home to about 8% of those foreigners owning shares on the Korea Exchange, ranking third behind the United States and Japan. Korea is a large stock market so the impact of foreign buying is felt most directly on small-cap stocks. Investors in emerging and frontier stories should be alert to price-rigging tactics. A small-cap stock in Korea may prove to be a medium-to-large-cap stock in many developing equity markets.

Our Vantage Point: Emerging and frontier markets are highly accessible. Yet, when evaluating specific investment opportunities, baseline due diligence on share ownership may prevent frustration with distant transactions.

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Image: Port city of Busan is home to the Korea Exchange. Credit: SeanPavonePhoto at Can Stock Photo Inc.