Library: Bad Blood

In less skillful hands, Bad Blood would be another story of a failed Silicon Valley startup, albeit on a grand scale. The journalist John Carreyrou does a masterful job of weaving the Theranos narrative into so much more. Investors will benefit by understanding the essential role of basic due diligence; founders will be confronted  More ►

Library: Secrecy World

Panama-based Mossack Fonesca was once one of the largest law firms in the world, assuring extreme discretion to its clients. Yet when a 2.6 terabyte trove of its data—including corporation formation documents, internal memos, and personal financial information—was leaked to journalists, that masquerade  More ►

Indian Elite Embrace Family Offices

What do billionaires in India do with their money? The question is more practical than quaint. They can wrestle with myriad financial advisors, plow funds back into their established businesses, or go it alone, investing on a best-efforts basis in selected deals. The fast-evolving option, at least  More ►

Library: Why Wall Street Matters

Wall Street has created enormous wealth for itself and others. Yet the industry is going through an existential crisis, provoked by politicians who may have limited context for financial intermediation. Bereft of jargon, Why Wall Street Matters clarifies the central function of the commercial- and investment-banking industry.  More ►

Cybersecurity is the New Deal Metric

The intersection between cybersecurity and medical technology is the pacemaker, at least this week. The Food and Drug Administration has forced NYSE-traded Abbott Laboratories to recall some 465,000 pacemakers due to software vulnerabilities. It seems that the black hat across town could actually change  More ►