Cybersecurity is the New Deal Metric

The intersection between cybersecurity and medical technology is the pacemaker, at least this week. The Food and Drug Administration has forced NYSE-traded Abbott Laboratories to recall some 465,000 pacemakers due to software vulnerabilities. It seems that the black hat across town could actually change  More ►

Beijing Closes Cash Spigot

China is now a less hospitable destination, at least for certain dealmakers. Ernst & Young estimates that Chinese outbound investment is set to reach $100 billion in 2017, representing a sharp decline from the $183 billion seen last year. Beijing blames this decline in part on growing hostility  More ►

Emperor Drinks Fruit Juice

Hans Christian Andersen published The Emperor’s New Clothes in 1837 as a fairy tale for children. The story can now be recast for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. San Francisco-based Juicero, after all, built an entire company around a $400 high-tech juice machine. But Bloomberg  More ►

Philippines Rings Cash Register in Gulf

Middle East investors are renewing their enthusiasm for the Philippines, in tandem with a state visit to the Gulf by President Duterte. One Manila-based official suggests that the tough-talking leader could bring home $650 million in investment commitments from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. The number  More ►

Investors Eat Pastries for Breakfast

The Danish tastes great, we know that it is unhealthy, yet we still devour it. Any penalties are distant. That concept is called temporal discounting. It may be one reason why investors can be cavalier in committing to high-risk deal flow. Apply the notion to hedge funds, initial public offerings,  More ►