Cybersecurity is the New Deal Metric

The intersection between cybersecurity and medical technology is the pacemaker, at least this week. The Food and Drug Administration has forced NYSE-traded Abbott Laboratories to recall some 465,000 pacemakers due to software vulnerabilities. It seems that the black hat across town could actually change  More ►

Emperor Drinks Fruit Juice

Hans Christian Andersen published The Emperor’s New Clothes in 1837 as a fairy tale for children. The story can now be recast for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. San Francisco-based Juicero, after all, built an entire company around a $400 high-tech juice machine. But Bloomberg  More ►

Startup Growth Tactics Go Awry

Entrepreneurs can have a “masters of the universe” complex. They can do no wrong. Until they do. The volume of cash flowing into the industry encourages hubris. According to CB Insights, some $105 billion may have been raised for venture-capital backed startups in 2016. One headline example: a mayonnaise  More ►

Tech Dream Turns Into Toxic Web

The story of now-defunct Spatial View is real-life Hollywood drama. The Canadian firm aspired to commercialize apparently-legitimate 3D technology. Its pre-IPO vibe was compelling, if not contagious. The problem was that it did not have enough capital to move the business forward. Its Brussels-based  More ►

Beware the Forged Bank Statement

In the dealmaking business, sellers commonly request financial disclosure documentation. Does the buyer have the wherewithal to act on a negotiated arrangement? It is a straightforward tactic. Yet the Chinese buyer of AC Milan football club may have produced a forged bank statement to hasten  More ►