Bankers Behave Badly

Wells Fargo has destroyed its reputation as one of the cleanest banks in America. Its “eight is great” sales mantra boosted fraud across its retail network, with the front line issuing credit cards that were never requested by its customers, among other misdeeds. Some actions may just skirt criminal  More ►

Shortage Can Be Folly

Traders relish a shortage; investors should nod politely. A shortage of something, anything, suggests that prices will go up, at least for a flicker of time. But be weary of the shortage phenomena, however seductive the headlines. Consider lingering concerns about soaring vanilla prices due to  More ►

We Are Lazy Decision-Makers

We like choice. Or at least some like to claim that they like choice. Consider the portfolio decision-making process. When presented with too many alternatives—such as funds, securities, or venture deals—certain investors may simply shut down and make no decision at all. Still others will mimic  More ►