Make Way for Sovereign Venture Funds

Agile does not typically describe sovereign wealth funds. In many cases, these government-backed institutions allocate cash with hippopotamus-like grace. But that stereotype is changing as they become more comfortable with technology investments. Think late-stage venture capital, not seed investing,  More ►

Will Saudi Cash Transform Silicon Valley?

Headline news that Saudi Arabia will join forces with Japan’s SoftBank in launching a $100 billion venture capital fund is energizing the startup scene. We believe the enthusiasm is misplaced. Most early-stage companies cannot—or should not—digest the sort of money that sovereign wealth funds can  More ►

Investor Carps at Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are to asset allocators as immigrants are to politicians. Just blame them when things go wrong. Consider news from China Investment Corporation that the sovereign wealth fund is booting hedge funds from its approved list over poor returns and high fees. The stance may be self-serving.  More ►