We Work, You Achieve

Cranganore has designed a tailored, cost-effective service for hedge funds and private-equity partnerships. We allocate resources to redirect your asset-gathering activities in exchange for a modest consulting fee. This starter project will help us to jointly qualify the potential for an ongoing capital-raising initiative. We can point you in a better direction.

► What

Our firm sprouted from the asset-management industry. We have a deep appreciation of the demands behind sustaining a successful investment fund. Our limited-scale project is designed to help portfolio-management experts grow their following among institutional investors worldwide.

► End Result

We provide objective feedback in written form on what could work more effectively for you in the intensively-competitive capital arena. Our goal is to help improve the likelihood of engaging qualified investors, from our one-of-a-kind investment-strategy and brand-positioning perspective. We offer our multi-cycle experience to strengthen your investor franchise.

► Who

Cranganore is led by Douglas Johnson, an established Wall Street entrepreneur. He has been directly associated with more than forty investments funds over his career as fund manager, investment strategist, or product developer. His current efforts center on helping institutional investors meet their portfolio-structuring requirements.

► Deliverables

Rather than probe the market relentlessly for glimmers of interest, we compress the placement cycle for our clients by relying on analysis and instinct. This consulting project clarifies our style by offering the investment manager three deliverables:

Strategic Sales Advice
Our experts will review your marketing documentation and sales tactics, outlining specific steps that you should consider to grow your global network of investor candidates. Fund managers often struggle with unknown variables in expanding their capital-raising strategy from friends and family to arms-length institutional investors. Our goal is to offer bespoke guidelines on making that process as streamlined as possible. We provide you with a three-to-five page assessment memo.

Due-Diligence Review
In our experience, fund managers fail to appreciate the full arc of the sales process, including the role of the due-diligence manual. Our multi-cycle heritage in investment management empowers us to take a critical look at your existing compilation. We will review and analyze the document from the sole perspective of a potential investor candidate. Our review process includes a ten-step checklist to improve the overall impact of this essential material.

Market Commentary
We will compose a two-to-three page strategy-related report suitable for use as a branded article in your own marketing efforts. The information-based outlook will tie market trends to your specific investment concept, helping you to raise awareness of your professional activities with distant audiences. As work-for-hire, this material is created for your exclusive use. Alternatively, depending on your requirements, we can develop two shorter, distinct posts suitable for use on your corporate blog.

► Project Fee

This approach is designed to introduce you to our firm-wide capabilities. Our fee for the arrangement is a flat rate of $1,500. There are no hidden charges. The invoice is payable in two installments: one-half when the engagement is formally booked and one-half on project completion. In the spirit of risk-sharing, we ask that you to commit to us in the same way as we commit to you.

► Moving Forward

We welcome questions about this service, as well as our other capabilities. Reach out to us through the contact form on our main site. We can set-up a phone discussion to be fully responsive to your unique requirements; we are comfortable with non-traditional hours. If you are based in Florida, we can likely accommodate an introductory one-on-one meeting.

Arrange a conversation at cranganore.com.

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